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Montecatini Terme - Visit Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme, visit the heart of Tuscany, first rate tourism

Visiting Montecatini Terme is a relaxing experience, accompanied everywhere by the presence of water. Tourismin Montecatini is very often linked to our thermal baths, that were known and considered important since Roman times: that is why the city boasts fountains, thermal baths and a peaceful green park where you can take care of yourself (perfect for walking, jogging and enjoying sport in general).

The first thing to visit is the town, roam among the fashionable boutiques, shop andlook for typical products. Do not miss, for example, sampling a "Cialda" (we recommend the famous BargilliCialde) and also the excellent Brigidiniof Lamporecchio, present in the best cafes and bars.

Hotel Torretta Montecatini
Hotel Torretta Montecatini

In Viale Verdi, right in the center of the town, you can admire the "royal architecture" of the Palazzina Regia, built by Grand Duke Leopold, as a summer residence and model for all mansions at that time. Every single glimpse of the avenuestransmits elegance and charm and here time seems to stand still.

The Municipio (Town Hall), not far and always worth visiting, used to accomodate the Grand Ducal stables: it is an admirable example of the energythat involved this environment in the early years of the last century: they were timesof great development, when also relevant artists such as Galileo Chini were operating.

The painter, Galileo Chini, signed some lunettes in the town hall and even some decorations inside Terme Tettuccio and Terme Tamerici, the most famous spas in Tuscany. These works are a rare mixture of art nouveau and neo-classical styles with columns and vast halls. You can not visit Montecatini Terme without visiting these works.

Montecatini Alto is the nearest village to visit, it impresses with its fabulous setting of the medieval age, with a suspended and rarefied charm. The Torre di Ugolino (Tower), the Palazzo di Giustizia (Court) and the Chiesa Prepositurale di San Pietro (St. Peter Provostal Church) will fascinate you and remain in your memories. You can reach the ancient village also by the cable car, but you will need to drive on the other hand to nearby Serravalle (with its imposing Fortress of Castruccio Castracani). Lucca, Pistoia and Florence are also very near, be sure to ask how to get there and what else you can see in Tuscany!

Visiting Montecatini is an occasion to relax, rest and take care of yourself.