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Montecatini Thermal Spas

Montecatini Thermal Spas, a relaxing tour, starting from our 4-star hotel

Montecatini Terme, a vacation of wellness, a first-class tourism: choose our 4-star hotel Torretta, we are able to offer optimal solutions, tailored services and the ability to plan a perfect stay for each guest.

Book a room in this 4 star hotel in Montecatini Terme andyou will have the following opportunities:

  • Spa entrance tickets at friendly prices
  • Shuttle service available upon request
  • Various types of spa assistance (both informative and medical)
  • Special diets offered at our restaurant

What are the Spas useful for?

The Terme di Montecatini have been known since ancient times for its unique characteristics. There are several saltsulphate- alkaline watersthat will offer you a healthy treatment during your stay. Our therapeutic drinking cure (based on the ingestion of specific waters, following the indications of the spa doctorwhoyou will visit you at the beginning of your treatment), should be generally done in the morning on an empty stomach, so as to enhance the absorption of the beneficial elements and consequently increase the therapeutic effects.

Hotel Torretta Montecatini
Hotel Torretta Montecatini

What does the thermal water of Montecatini Terme treat

  • The Regina Water restores the proper flow of bile from the liverand is therefore excellent in cases of liver insufficiency and dysfunction of the bile-ducts.
  • The Tettuccio Water has a saline composition, practically similar to the body's organic liquids, and is for this reason useful in cholesterol metabolic disorders.
  • The Leopoldina Water is purifying: it operates on the intestinal peristalsis and is particularly indicated in cases of chronic constipation.
  • The Rinfresco Wateris diuretic: it assists in the elimination of waste products through the kidney tract and restores the salts lost during sports training.

History and therapies of the Thermal Spas

The origin of the Montecatini Terme Spas certainly dates back to Roman times, as evidenced by some discoveries made within the existing Leopoldine crater. We must, however, wait until 1201 to find them mentioned for the first time in a historical parchment found in Lucca.

In 1417 Ugolino Simoni from Montecatini was the first one to speak about a well where peasants used to plunge to treat limbs and back pains. The first true modern spa was built under the auspices of the Grand Duke Leopold (Bagno Regio, Royal Bath) in 1773. Later on, in 1775, Terme Leopoldina was built, and finally the famous Terme Tettuccio in 1779. Staring from 1928, the practice of mud was resumed and nowadays there are numerous other types of treatments that our guests can enjoy.

Curative Drinking water therapy

Curative thermal water should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, in the amount and in the manner indicated by the spa doctor. For maximum benefits of thermal waters of Montecatini, the therapy should be carried out twice a year and each therapeutic cycle should last from 5 to 12 days. We suggest you combine it with relaxation and wellness packages, to find balance and harmony.

Inhalatory therapy

Inhalation treatments with saline-alkaline sulfate Montecatini waters are indicated in chronic inflammatory forms of the upper and lower respiratory tracts. The inhalation treatment cycle uses water Leopoldina and includes cold aerosol applications, hot-wetjet inhalations, dry nebulizations and eardrum tubal insufflation.

Thermal Mud Therapy

The thermal mud is left to soak in the Grocco crater for about a year before being used; numerous salt-sulphate-alkaline sources flow into this crater and, in fact, they have a strong salt concentration. They are rich in sulphured hydrogen. The temperature is maintained at 47C° and after the mud application a bath in the Leopoldina Water is carried out. This treatment is useful in cases of arthrosis and extra-articular rheumatisms in chronic phase.


The thermal baths are carried out with Leopoldina water in a tub, at an adjustable temperature (typically 36-37°C) for a period of about 15-20 minutes and is followed by a rest period, before a possible therapeutic massage.

Hepatobiliary Therapy

It is indicated for the treatment and prevention of hepatic insufficiency (it includes a curative drinking water therapy and a liver mud therapy. Thehepatic mud therapy is used to complete the water's therapeutic action assumed by drinking with the antispasmodic and analgesic effects).

Book a holiday of wellness at the Terme di Montecatini, reserve a suite at this elegant yet informal 4 star hotel, a stone's throw from Terme Tettuccio and the natural park, the town's green lung.