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Montecatini Opera Festival

Concerts in Montecatini during 2024 season

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This is the complete 2024 programming:

APRIL 26th

Terme Tettuccio – Montecatini Terme
Opening Gala
The 26th edition of Montecatini Opera Festival opens with a gala devoted to the great Italian opera tradition.
Since the 19th century all the greatest Italian opera composers have chosen to spend some time in
Montecatini Terme to recover at the famous Baths and find inspiration. Their music has contributed to make
our town well known all over the world and that still resonates everywhere always causing new heartbeats in
whom is listening.
Music by Verdi, Rossini, Puccini, Giordano, Leoncavallo, Di Capua

MAY 3rd
JUNE 14th

Terme Tettuccio – Montecatini Terme
Moving with the music
A tribute to one of the greatest opera composers of history. Giacomo Puccini, whom we commemorate on
the occasion of the centenary of his death, was fascinated by Montecatini Terme and frequent visitor of its
Spa. At the Tettuccio he loved meeting Arturo Toscanini together with masters such as Mascagni, his
schoolmate, but also the great Enrico Caruso. In Montecatini Terme he composed La Fanciulla del West and
in the surrounding area the III act of La Bohème. The opera gala presents excerpts from some of Puccini's
most famous works
Music by Giacomo Puccini

MAY 10th

Terme Tettuccio – Montecatini Terme
Talent and beauty multiplied by three
Who says Opera is for old people? Here’s a vocal Trio of 3 beautiful artists, 2 sopranos and 1
mezzosoprano, whose individual career has already led to perform on famous international stages. An
engaging and refined concert, rich in nuances but with a common ground: alluring harmonies able to
fascinate any kind of audience.
Music by Verdi, Mozart, Puccini, Bizet, Offenbach, Arlen, Gershwin, Mancini

MAY 17th
JUNE 7th + 21st

Terme Tettuccio – Montecatini Terme
Magic nightsA musical jouney dating back in time to recall the legendary concert by Luciano Pavarotti, Josè Carreras,
Placido Domingo at the “Terme di Caracalla” in the far 1990. On the stage three terrific tenors with versatile
vocalism and brilliant communicativeness will let the public live anew the emotions of that memorable night
of the 7th July, 34 years ago.
Music by Verdi, Donizetti, Leoncavallo, Puccini, Tosti, Velasquez, De Curtis

MAY 24th

Terme Tettuccio – Montecatini Terme
An ancient bridge that looks to the future
On the 700th Anniversary of Marco Polo’s death, a concert to tell how the universal power of music can
unite two ancient and distant civilizations, as the “Silk Road” once did. On the stage of Montecatini Opera
Festival will be Chinese soprano Bing Bing Wang, a young Opera Ambassador in the world
Music by Verdi, Rossini, Puccini, Bizet, De Curtis, Di Capua

The legend of the overseas tenor
MAY 31st

Terme Tettuccio– Montecatini Terme
The voice, the passion
The concert is the occasion to celebrate the great Enrico Caruso, one of the greatest tenors of all times.
Lyrical tenor acclaimed in the most important world theatres, but unparalleled interpreter of immortal
melodies of the Neapolitan song as well, he was a regular visitor of Montecatini Baths, where he loved
relaxing and drawing caricatures of the people he met.
Music by Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, Bizet, De Curtis, Cardillo, Leoncavallo

JUNE 28th – OCTOBER 18th 2024
Terme Tettuccio – Montecatini Terme
Not opera only
The evening offers an absorbing programme that will definitely involve even the least accustomed to
Concert halls, from Melodrama to the great classics of the Neapolitan song a kind of music still lively
despite its 500 hundred-year history which has let entire generations dream and fall in love but also
unforgettable themes from the big screen. A selection of true masterpieces for a timeless love.
Music by Verdi, Rossini, Puccini, Bizet, Lehár, Di Capua

AUGUST 23rd 2024

Terme Tettuccio – Montecatini Terme
A Midsummer night’s dream
An emotional and engaging journey through Music and Beauty, able to sweeten time. Places and artists will
stay in your heart forever. Close your eyes and get ready to dream…
Music by Verdi, Rossini, Donizetti, Offenbach, Bizet, Lehár, Puccini

“IL PARNASO 2024” to
SEPTEMBER 13th 2024

Terme Tettuccio – Montecatini Terme
On the stage of Montecatini Opera Festival a worldwide opera star
The International Award “IL PARNASO”, expressly set up as an acknowledgement to artists excelling on
international levels, this year will be presented to CARMEN GIANNATTASIO. Her career was launched by
taking First Prize and the Audience Award at Placido Domingo’s Operalia Competition, Paris in 2002. Her
lustrous soprano voice and her dramatic ability gained her immediate critical attention and a reputation as a
“chameleon”, able to adapt her tune and skin to the different heroines she embodies. She has become an
acclaimed fixture on the most important stages of the world, including the Metropolitan Opera, Royal Opera
House, Teatro alla Scala, Bayerische Staatsoper, Berlin State Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, Bolshoi.
An international star we are honoured to award

SEPTEMBER 27th 2024

Opera around the world
The Arts aspire to Beauty. They are long lasting and they use a universal language that speaks to the
heart, eliminating distances and boundaries. On the stage of Montecatini Opera Festival the special
appearence of the Kazakh soprano Anastassiya Khozukharova. A solid and refined singing technique,
grace and elegance, remarkable acting abilities: you will fall in love with her.
Music by Verdi, Donizetti, Puccini, Bizet, Korlan, Leoncavallo, Gershwin, Di Capua

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