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ISO14001 certification

Hotel Torretta is located in a green and panoramic area, very close to the town parks, spa facilities and sports plants. Its favourable geographical position, at few chilometres from Florence, Lucca, Siena and Pisa makes it an ideal destination from which you can start your daily tours and discover our exciting and enchanting Tuscany.
Our mission has always been the environment respect.

The following Environmental Policy represents our commitment towards the environment:
- Preventive Measures: to identify the activities that create significant impacts on the environment, to plan their treatment in order to remove, or wherever impossible,  to reduce the pollution caused by those activities.
- Observance of the Law: to respect the legislative requirements established by the provisions in force and those indicated in any possible agreement signed by the Hotel.
- Planning: to identify the targets set to improve the most relevant aspects of the environment respect.
- Control: to carry out periodical and systematic controls of our own activities that may have a significant environmental impact.
- Technical-economical resources: to pursue the continuous improvement of our performances using the best available techniques, as long as proper and economically applicable.
- Communication: information and sensitisation of our staff, our guests and the local entities in charge of the environmental control and protection, in order to obtain a cooperation and strengthen the trust in the offered services.

The Management commits, moreover, to awaken and control, wherever possible, our suppliers who may cause a detrimental impact on the environment with their activities.
The Management also confirms its commitment in supplying resources, training and support to achieve the set targets.
All our internal and external collaborators (employees and suppliers) are invited to cooperate with us for ensuring a correct working of the Environmental Management System and respect the line of conduct stated by the Management itself.
Guests are kindly requested to pay more attention to their behaviour that may create environmental impacts and affect the use of natural resources.

The improvement elements our Hotel is focusing on to reduce the impacts originating from meaningful environmental aspects are the following:

- to reduce the consumption of natural resources
- to improve the waste management

A further engagement, aiming to minimize the impact caused by the performed activities is to evaluate in advance, as long as possible, the environmental effects caused by all the new activities and by the managing changes in general, but also to adopt all the necessary measures to prevent the waste of materials and energy.

Date: July 1st 2019

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Hotel Torretta Montecatini

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Urlaubsrabatt im Toskana für Ärzte, Krankenschwestern, OSS und Gesundheitsberufe Hotel Torretta Montecatini

Wellnesspaket in der Terme Grotta Giusti Thermalwasserpools im Freien, 10 Minuten von Montecatini Terme entfernt

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Wellnesspaket in der Terme Grotta Giusti Hotel Torretta Montecatini

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Hotel Torretta Montecatini