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Unique Lucca calendar events: Lucca Comics, Murabilia, Verdemura, Summer Festival

It's ready the first unique calendar of events in Lucca

Unique Lucca calendar events: Lucca Comics, Murabilia, Verdemura, Summer Festival

In the new unique events calendar of Lucca, there are all the most attractive events, the Lucca Summer Festival - which will take place from July 1st to July 31st - Lucca Comics, Verdemura , Murabilia and the Winter Festival.

The many events will take place in the municipal area, including the series of appointments to live and celebrate the 500° anniversary of the construction of the Wall in 2014. Events, concerts, and thanks to the collaboration with Lucca Promos abroad, will be launched with a campaign to give more and more appealing to Lucca.

The Mille Miglia
The highlight of 2014 for the commissioner Max Tuccori the passage of the city in a reenactment of the Mille Miglia, presented in a press conference dedicated to the Villa Bottini: "The Mille Miglia - said the representative of the organization - will arrive in the city on May 17th, a Saturday, and will be attended by representatives from all parts of the world, 80% foreigners. A great opportunity to promote the city, therefore, given also the location provided. The walkway,  in fact, will march on the walls of Lucca, Piazza Napoleone, via Fillungo and Piazza Anfiteatro. For the event there are already almost 1300 inscriptions, but will certainly be higher due to the entries in the coming months." Lucca, then, it could also be the protagonist of a real movie, Red Mille Miglia, which will be shot during the year 2014 and may accommodate the eve of the passage of cars in the race, also an exhibition of the most beautiful Ferrari models ever produced.

News of 2014
Of the 33 events scheduled in the calendar, 12 are brand new. They range from sports to dance, from food to music. The most curious event will be held on June 29th and will be the final level of the Italian Stihl Timbersport Series, a race that will see the stands in front of the walls between the Porta San Donato and the Bulwark Santa Croce best national athletes and best young people under 25 Europeans will compete with ax, saw and chainsaw in the various disciplines of cut tree logs. A movement that would lead to the city, between the runners, a figure higher than 3 thousand people, as well as bear the name of Lucca throughout Europe. Also new is the first edition of the half marathon, which will be held May 4th on 21 kilometers of a journey that large tracts will march through the streets of the historic center and with departure and arrival former kennel and operational base at Villa Bottini. The launch is ideal for the real Lucca Marathon which will have its sixth edition October 26th, and is emerging as one of the highlights jogging at national level.
The golf doubles! The edition of the Urban Golf on July 3rd in the historic center will complement, as an appetizer full of news, the International open Lucca Pitch & Putt golf that will take place in a 18 short holes on the walls and in the center of town. A discipline, obviously with tools specially designed for the occasion, that will involve 100 players, it will have its clubhouse at Royal College and that will also include a gala dinner with the presence of a famous international chef. 
Space to the bridge, again at Villa Bottini, for the first Trophy City of Lucca, in the program 1st and 2nd March. A sport recognized by the Olympic Committee, which sees Italy world champion in this office and Lucca with a vicious and very much appreciated two teams, one female and one Series B Series C Open will take place on Saturday the team tournament, Sundays in pairs. It's expected to arrive at least 60 teams, led by people with a very consistent between the players and accompanying persons. News of 2014 is also the Dance Meeting, organized by the European Association Dance From 7th to 9th March will involve great dance companies for shows and performances at the Teatro del Giglio, Villa Bottini and squares of the old town, with the participation extraordinary Jerusalem ballet  and the involvement of local schools.

The "classic" events are enhanced
In the calendar, of course, also enter the most anticipated events of the high season in Lucca, from the Summer and Winter Festival, Lucca Comics and Games, through Verdemura, Murabilia, Lubec, Il Desco and all events in the calendar of  September and the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the walls. There will be this year, on 10th and 11th of May, Preview Wines by the Royal College, with the usual delights of the dive, with tastings but also cooking show of Michelin-starred chefs. Guest Edition 2014 will be the Galicia region of Spain rich wine tradition. It will be held from October 17th to the 25th the new edition of Lucca Jazz Donna, a unique music festival, which this year will have a window to remember a jazz musician who has long attended Lucca as Chet Baker, with a concert on the walls outside the prison organized in collaboration with the Opera of the Walls, the Lucchese Music Association and the Flam. The concert will play the three survivors of the "Four of Lucca" along with a big Italian trumpeter whose name is kept top secret. And again, the 2014 edition of Communicate & Digital, presented a few days ago in the Hall of Mirrors, the return of Kinder Sport, fencing race for the second year will be based on the location of the fairgrounds. 
Edition number 26, however, for the City International Festival of Chess, which this year will take place from 11th to 15th June, the first two days at Villa Bottini and then at the Palazzo Ducale with a host of exception: the great English master Gawain Jones formed just in Lucca and will entertain the audience and chess fans braving 30 opponents simultaneously. 
For the festival of photographers association Photolux this year, since the biennial event has become extended, there will be the usual exhibition of World Press Photo, but also, in Bml Foundation, the 2014 edition of EPEA, the photo award sought by the most important European banking foundations. 
At this also joins the charity event for pediatrics of Lucca, Click and Play, to raise funds for the opening of a door to listen. Rounding out the picture, for completeness, the Festival of Volunteers, Amphitheatre , Jazz Cartasia, events for the days of St. Paulinus, the Lucca Film Festival, the Miac, paper Vintage and Christmas events. Sagra Musicale Lucchese, the season of the Teatro del Giglio and exhibitions Lu.CCA.

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