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9 Oktober 2015
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Montecatini Opera Festival

Concerts in Montecatini

Montecatini Opera Festival

MONTECATINI OPERA FESTIVAL, certainly  one of the best visiting cards of the town, presents  a series of international musical events,all of them of high profile, and gives evidence of Montecatini’s  link  with  art, culture, wellness.  This Festival,which is  specially devoted to  lovers of great  music and the Opera,intends also to highlight the cultural  historical heritage of this  area,in particular the great Opera tradition.

 The steady growing  number of  audience, even after 15 yearsin  contrast  with the rather negative  response to any cultural initiative, confirms  the Festival successful formula, also due to the great care and attention, given to any detail  and mainly to the  high quality of the events.

In addition the continuous research for new  forms of artistic and cultural dialogues makes the Festival a sort of  multiform  container, suitable for various  forms of musical  entertainments .

The most attractive places inside  the thermal buildings of Montecatini SPA  are the perfect location  for the performance  of  the 20 concerts  of the  year. The beautiful historical hall of the Excelsior,a real jewel of the early 20th century architecture, is the ideal place to enjoy music with the same intimacy as in a salon of the late 19thcentury.The Tettuccio,where the music of the great composers who have made Montecatini famous all over the world, still echoes  and gives a warm welcome to everybody. 

This season’s programme, as usual, offers young promising artists a lot of precious opportunities  to start their careers, and presents  great international artists, prestigious forms of collaboration,as the one with Russian artists  and famous theatres in St.Petersburg, which started last year.

The  new edition of ST.PETERSBURG-MONTECATINI OPERA FESTIVALadds to the original structure some important  novelties:the participation  of  famous Russian Artists as well as of  great  theatres from Moscow. On June 24th inside  the Tettuccio SPA, there will be a really extraordinary  concert:the orchestra of Puccini Festival will be conducted by Fabio Mastrangelo, absolutely the most appreciated  and loved conductor in today’s Russia.

Side events on  a special theme will make the appointments even more interesting.There will be  a seminar about “ The use of marble in architecture - Luxury or new Technologies” and the production of a  very  special type of chocolate, expressly created to celebrate the event.

OPERA & FOOD continues its successful  result,a multisensory project that wants to point out the strict  relation between music and good food, both of them an extraordinary occasion to share, communicate and exchange  emotions and get more knowledge. It is  not by chance that  “great composers”  were also great lovers of  good food.

The  selections of two  famous  operas with costumes are this year from  Puccini’s masterpieces: LA BOHEME (17th August) and TOSCA (28th August).Both events will be enriched by a variety of  excellent local   food  products,carefully  selected by slow- food. La Bohèmeis the opera which marked the beginning of Puccini‘s successful career,Tosca the great symbol of passion and individual drama  set in Rome during Napoleon’s time.

Another  relevant  novelty  in  the section  WAITING FOR THE OPERA  is the performance of the  extraordinary  Shenzhen Children’s Orchestra   before  the   Opera “La Bohème”.

To make the programme more attractive we have created  something  really  unique and original:the combination of  superlative music  and outstanding  green.OPERA & GREEN will be a” green week”,when The Tettuccio SPA  will become a sort of fantastic greenhouse, open to the sky,thanks to the many plants coming from Pistoia,well known all over the world for its nurseries.

 On September 9th,the top event of the season, a “GOLDEN LEAF” will be given, as an award, to the artists who  have been  particularly successful on international level.     


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